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Separ Filters


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Separ filters have been manufactured in Germany since 1982 and are sold all over the world. Keypart have been a U.K. distributor for Separ fuel filter/water separators for over 20 years. We are able to supply any Separ filter assembly, element. Please just select your model from the list (KWA or SWK).

Adequate fuel filtration / water separation is vital in marine applications as many engine breakdowns are fuel related. Today’s modern diesel engine systems rely on a clean, water-free fuel to ensure optimum engine performance and help prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

The current SWK-2000 “square shaped” series of fuel filters from Separ first appeared in 1992 and they represent the best protection you can get for your diesel engine. They are used by major boat builders everywhere.

Fuel Water Separation Filter

Key features of Separ SWK-2000 fuel filters/water separators:

  • Available for a wide range of engines (from 5 to 10000kw)
  • Suitable for Diesel and Bio-Diesel applications with versions for Petrol (Gasoline) engines available
  • Compact in size with various methods of connection possible
  • Easy installation
  • High separation efficiency of water contained in the fuel. (No water shown according to RTUV testing)
  • Back flushing procedure as an additional facility in cases of severe contamination
  • RINA , Lloyds, and Bureau Veritas type approval certified

The KWA series of Separ filters are no longer manufactured as complete units, but the spares will be available for some time to come.

Should you have a problem identifying which filter is correct for your engine, please let us know what the maximum fuel flow rate* of the engine is , together with engine type, horsepower and what application the engine is being used for, e.g. pleasure boats, commercial craft or industrial etc.

Note * Maximum engine fuel flow rate should is not to be confused with consumption as many engines have a return feed to the fuel tank which can result in a total flow rate far in excess of fuel consumption.

Should you have difficulty in identifying your Separ filter, please take a careful look over the unit for any model details. If there are none, please take a good quality digital image and send to for assessment.

Note: We are also able to supply “Wasp” filters and elements for light marine diesel applications.