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Mercruiser from the U.S.A. are a world leader in the manufacture of marine engines and sterndrives, with their equipment being supplied to boat builders all over the world.

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When looking for Mercruiser parts and spares you will see that you can enter the Mercruiser engine or sterndrive model into the search box. Should you not know your exact engine type, please have a careful look for any identifying information, including any serial number, to find your mercruiser engine parts and spares.

Note: The engine identification plate can normally be found on the engine block, near the starter motor or close to the flywheel housing of your Mercruiser engine. This information may also be on the carburettor cover (flame arrestor) or rocker cover.

Additional note: If you need a sterndrive serial number to find the right Mercruiser engine part, it can be found on the upper driveshaft housing both on the rear face and on one side. The transom shield housing serial number is marked in a similar fashion on the upper surface. However, should this information be missing, please contact us for further assistance and we will do our best to help.

You will also see that we are able to supply Genuine Mercruiser engines, Mercruiser engine parts and engine and drive “packages” should you wish to re-engine your boat. For more information on our Mercruiser engine parts and spares, contact us through or call us on +44(0)1923 276000. Our team will be able to help with all Mercruiser parts or spares enquiries.

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