OMC 2.3 Parts

OMC 2.3 Engine Parts

We offer a comprehensive assortment of replacement parts for the OMC 2.3 engine, recognised for its compact design and its exceptional performance in marine environments. To begin browsing our OMC 2.3 parts , you simply need to know your engine's serial number to choose your model from the selection below.

The OMC 2.3 engine, crafted by OMC Marine, stands as one of OMC’s most esteemed marine engines. This compact yet powerful petrol engine is known for its 128hp output. Designed for marine use, the OMC 2.3 is the preferred choice due to its reliability and efficiency in numerous sea-based applications.

The OMC 2.3 engine is noted as a leading figure amongst naturally aspirated marine engines in its category, recognised for both its durability and commendable performance. The OMC 2.3 is a powerful engine boasting 4 cylinders and 94kW of power, its blend of compact design and a power has carved a niche in the marine sector.

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Model Production Years Serial Number Range
2.3L 232AMFTC 1987 to 1987
2.3L 232AMRGDE 1988 to 1988
2.3L 232AMRGDP 1988 to 1988
2.3L 232APFTC 1987 to 1987
2.3L 232APRGDE 1988 to 1988
2.3L 232APRGDP 1988 to 1988
2.3L 232APSRC 1987 to 1987
2.3L 232BMRMED 1989 to 1989
2.3L 232BMRMEF 1989 to 1989
2.3L 232BMRPWS 1990 to 1990
2.3L 232BPRMED 1989 to 1989
2.3L 232BPRMEF 1989 to 1989
2.3L 232BPRPWS 1990 to 1990
2.3L 232MMRMED 1989 to 1989
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