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Mercruiser - Diesel Engine Parts

Mercruiser Diesel engines are lightweight and 80 % quieter than traditional diesel engines along with this they have no smell or smoke. Quick acceleration and impressive throttle response for fast planing times, you lose the problems that are traditionally associated with diesel engines.

Keypart are able to supply Genuine Mercruiser Diesel engines, Mercruiser Diesel engine parts.Also, engine and drive “packages” should you wish to re - engine your boat.For more information on our Mercruiser engine parts and spares you can contact us through

Call us on +44(0)1923 276000, our team will be able to help with all Mercruiser diesel parts or diesel spares enquiries.

Model Production Years Serial Number Range
530D-TA 1989 to 1993 0B993002 to 0D725151
636D-TA 1989 to 1993 0B993002 to 0D850127
D1.7L DTI 2001 to 2009 0M055000 to 0M999999
D183 TURBO AC 1990 to 1993 0B993002 to 0D725151
D2.8L/165 D-TRONIC 1997 to 2001 0K144109 to 0M999999
D219 TURBO AC 1990 to 1993 0B993002 to 0D850127
D254 TURBO AC 1990 to 1993 0C849461 to 0D554731
D3.0L 1994 to 1997 0D725152 to 0K144108
D3.6L 1994 to 1997 0D850128 to 0F999999
D3.6L 1997 to 1997 0K000001 to 0L999999
D4.2L/200 LD 0L344381 to 0M999999
D4.2L/220 1994 to 1999 0D554732 to 0M999999
D4.2L/250 D-TRONIC 0K144114 to 0M999999
D4.2L/300 D-TRONIC 0L667439 to 0M999999

Mercruiser Diesel Engine Parts