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Mercruiser 502 Parts

Mercruiser 502 MAG Engine Parts

We offer a comprehensive range of Mercruiser 502 parts and spares for the Mercruiser 502 Mag engine. To search for parts, simply find the engine's serial number and select your specific model from the available list below.

The Mercruiser 502 Mag engine, manufactured by Mercury Marine, is a popular marine engine known for its exceptional power and performance. It belongs to the Mercruiser lineup, which specialises in producing inboard engines for boats and other marine applications.

The horsepower rating of the Mercruiser 502 MAG engine can vary depending on the specific model and generation. Typically, it delivers impressive horsepower ranging from 400 to 450, providing exceptional acceleration and top speed capabilities. Designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments, the Mercruiser 502 Mag engine is commonly used in stern drive configurations. It combines reliability, durability, and excellent throttle response to meet the demands of boaters and water sport enthusiasts.

The Mercruiser 502 MAG MPI engine incorporates a multi-port fuel injection system. This advanced system injects fuel directly into each cylinder, providing precise control over the fuel-air mixture and optimizing combustion efficiency. On the other hand, the Mercruiser 502 MAG engine typically utilizes a carburettor for fuel delivery.

It's important to note that the specific details and specifications of the Mercruiser 502 magnum MPI and Mercruiser magnum 502 can vary depending on the model year and specific variations within each engine lineup.

If you require assistance in finding the correct parts for your Mercruiser 502 Mag engine, please don't hesitate to contact our specialist team at or call us at +44(0)1923 276000. Our dedicated professionals will be glad to help you identify and buy the necessary parts for your boat's engine.

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Model Production Years Serial Number Range
502 MAG 1990 to 1992 0C878221 to 0D824588
502 MAG MPI 1999 to 2001 0L085433 to 0M024999
502 MAG MPI 1996 to 1997 0F802600 to 0K999999
502 MAG MPI 1998 to 1998 0L017000 to 0L085432

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