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Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI & SKI Engine Parts

We offer a wide range of replacement parts for the popular Mercruiser engine models: the 350 mag Mercruiser engine and the 350 MPI Mercruiser engine. To find the appropriate parts for your engine, simply provide us with the engine's serial number and select your model from the provided list.

The Mercruiser 350 MAG is a long-established marine engine manufactured by Mercury Marine. It is a petrol-powered engine with a V8 configuration, featuring eight cylinders arranged in a V-shaped pattern. This design provides exceptional power and torque, making it an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts. The 350 MAG engine typically produces horsepower ranging from approximately 250 to 300, depending on the specific model and age of the engine.

The alternative Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI engine (Multi-Port Injection) is an enhanced version of the 350 MAG boat engine. It incorporates a modern multi-port fuel injection system, which replaces the traditional carburettor. The MPI system delivers fuel directly to each cylinder through individual injectors, optimizing fuel efficiency, throttle response, and emissions control. Compared to the 350 MAG, the MPI version offers improved fuel economy, smoother operation, and reduced emissions.

Both the Mercruiser 350 MAG and the 350 MAG MPI engines are commonly used in stern drive configurations, where they are connected to the stern drive unit to propel the boat. This setup offers precise control, manoeuvrability, and efficiency on the water.

When it comes to replacements, our specialist team is available to assist you in identifying the specific components you need whether its Mercruiser 350 MAG parts or Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI parts. For personalized assistance, please contact us at or call +44(0)1923 276000.

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Model Production Years Serial Number Range
350 MAG EFI 1996 to 1996 0F800300 to 0K001508
350 MAG EFI 1997 to 1997 0F001509 to UP
350 MAG MPI 0L331599 to 0M299999
350 MAG MPI 1998 to 1998 0L010019 to 0L331598
350 MAG MPI 2007 to 2012 0W650000 to 1A299999
350 MAG MPI 0W060000 to 0W649999
350 MAG MPI 0M600000 to 0W059999
350 MAG MPI 0M300000 to 0M599999
350 MAG MPI 1A611928 to 2A999999
350 MAG MPI 1A300000 to 1A611927
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