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Fuel Pressure Regulator - Genuine

  • 861126A1 - Fuel Pressure Regulator - Genuine
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator - Genuine
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Mercruiser Production Years Serial Number Range
5.0L MPI 2010 to 2014 1A300000 to 2A999999
4.3L MPI 0M300000 to 0M320024
4.3L MPI 2003 to 2004 0M320025 to 0M614999
4.3L MPI 0M615000 to 0W649999
4.3L MPI 0W650000 to 1A063239
5.0L MPI 2002 to 2002 0M300000 to 0M320024
5.0L MPI 2003 to 2003 0M320025 to 0M599999
5.0L MPI 2004 to 2004 0M600000 to 0W059999
5.0L MPI 2005 to 2006 0W060000 to 0W649999
5.0L MPI 2007 to 2010 0W650000 to 1A299999
350 MAG MPI 2007 to 2012 0W650000 to 1A299999
350 MAG MPI 0W060000 to 0W649999
350 MAG MPI 0M600000 to 0W059999
350 MAG MPI 0M300000 to 0M599999
454 MAG MPI 1999 to 2001 0L085400 to 0M024999
502 MAG MPI 1999 to 2001 0L085433 to 0M024999
7.4L MPI 1998 to 2000 0L010003 to 0M024330
7.4L MPI MIE 1998 to 2000 0L002006 to 0L674613
350 MAG MPI 1A300000 to 1A611927
350 MAG MPI 1A611928 to 2A999999
MX 6.2L MPI 0L300000 to 0M320024
MX 6.2L MPI 0M320025 to 0M599999
MX 6.2L MPI 0M600000 to 0W059999
MX 6.2L MPI 0W060000 to 0W649999
MX 6.2L MPI 0W650000 to 1A299999

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