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Nautical Anodes | Sacrificial Anodes

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We supply an extensive range of sacrificial anodes at competitive prices; zinc for saltwater use and magnesium for freshwater. Should you require an anode which is NOT shown, please contact us.

Note: Anodes for Sterndrives can be found by selecting the engine manufacturer, e.g. Volvo Penta.

More about Nautical Anodes

Anodes can simply be described as small guards that protect a boat's engine from deterioration. Therefore anodes are crucial to the health of an engine as they protect underwater metals from galvanic corrosion

Anodes get worn away as a first line of defence to prevent other outboard engine parts getting destroyed. This is why you will often hear them referred to as “sacrificial anodes” or “sacrificial metal”. They will give off electrons to be depleted before any other metals in the engine are targeted. The anode will eventually have so little left that it will no longer be useful and therefore must be replaced.

It is recommended that you should replace anodes as and when they are half eroded or dissolved. This is generally once a year. Failure to replace these anodes could in turn lead to an extremely expensive repair bill.

Boat anodes generally come in three metals – zinc, aluminium and magnesium.

Aluminium anodes are suitable for use in salt waters. They have a higher electrical capacity which enables them to be more compact than their zinc and magnesium counterparts.

Along with aluminium, zinc anodes are suitable for salt water usage. They have a higher density and structural makeup and so provide significantly higher impact strength in certain areas.

Magnesium anodes are meant to only be used in fresh water. Their longevity is increased by a lower open circuit potential. These anodes are a lot lighter than zinc anodes, and results in energy and fuel savings.

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