Mercruiser 5.0 Parts

Mercruiser 5.0 & 5.0 MPI Engine Parts

Here at Keypart we stock replacement parts for all Mercruiser 5.0 litre engines including the 5.0L EFI, MPI and LX models, all you need to start shopping for parts is your engine serial number and then select your model from the list below.

The Mercruiser 5.0 litre engine is known for its power and reliability, who’s history dates back to the 1980s when it was first introduced by Mercury Marine as a more fuel-efficient alternative to the bigger engines. Over the years there have been many updates to the engine including the addition of fuel injection. This engine can commonly be found in mid-sized boats that require a balance of performance and fuel efficiency.

For help finding the right Mercuiser 5.0l parts for your boat, contact us via, or call +44(0)1923 276000 and our specialist team will be able to help identify the parts you need.

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Model Production Years Serial Number Range
5.0L 1988 to 1995 0B774445 to 0F600999
5.0L 0W650000 to 1A299999
5.0L 0M600000 to 0W649999
5.0L 2000 to 2001 0L619000 to 0M599999
5.0L 1998 to 1999 0L015751 to 0L618999
5.0L EFI 1999 to 2001 0L340000 to 0M299999
5.0L EFI 1998 to 1998 0L015752 to 0L339999
5.0L MPI 2010 to 2014 1A300000 to 2A999999
5.0L MPI 2007 to 2010 0W650000 to 1A299999
5.0L MPI 2005 to 2006 0W060000 to 0W649999
5.0L MPI 2004 to 2004 0M600000 to 0W059999
5.0L MPI 2002 to 2002 0M300000 to 0M320024
5.0L MPI 2003 to 2003 0M320025 to 0M599999
5.0LX 1988 to 1995 0B773740 to 0F600999
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